Being collectors of the Carlo Moretti

Carlo Moretti is an “artist’s factory” – one of the few left in Murano. For over 50 years it has created objects in Murano Glass, blending innovation and continual research.
Unique pieces, made in limited editions, and signed one by one, have never ceased to communicate new emotions, and for this reason they have entered the collections of the most important museums around the world.
Carlo Moretti’s history is made of design, taste and elegance, based on essentiality. From the very beginning, the company built a long-lasting relationship of loyalty and anticipation with clients and aficionados, which soon turned into refined collecting.
Garnering the appreciation and recognition of the world of art and design, Carlo Moretti’s creations guarantee a name that has become established on the international market and offers a quality that lasts over time. This quality is the result of the technical expertise of glassmakers, deeply rooted on the Island of Murano, but also of family tradition, rigorous and professional in the choice of materials and the complete cycle of production.
To collect Carlo Moretti means to enter a universe of inventions, created in limited editions and not replicable, devoted to a select public with an eye for beauty. These are timeless creations, which express a contemporary style as they immediately become “classics”.
Starting from the 1990 Calici and Bottiglie da collezione, the era of collecting at Carlo Moretti sought to create a relationship of fidelity with its clients, proposing objects that every year renew their colours, designs and patterns. The same is true for i Diversi, goblets with an oval section, identical in size but with different decors. Thanks to their variety, these simple drinking glasses have developed into collector’s pieces. The project for I Piccoli presents a collection of 30 pieces, whose small size does not diminish their strong visual impact. Made with the most diverse techniques, these pieces are produced in a limited edition: each one is signed, dated and numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. They will not be remade in the future.
Finally, the Minimax – sculptures produced in 20 different styles, are also numbered and produced in a limited edition. These are pieces that reach beyond design and standard production to a field of creation more akin to art, placing Carlo Moretti within the realm of art collecting.