An artisan factory

Strolling afoot through the foundations of Murano, the visitor provided with refined sensitivity, lost in a myriad of gift shops and restaurants duly arranged for mass tourism, would find himself unpleasantly surprised. Fortunately, with the aid of specific information and a brisk curiosity, she or he would come to discover a genuine artisan factory. The artisan factory bearing Carlo Moretti’s trademark.

Established in 1958 by Carlo and Giovanni Moretti, it represents a unique occurrence on the island of glass, mingling entrepreneurship and authorship in the works of art created in their furnace with the close collaboration of glass masters.

For over 50 years, the firm founded by the Moretti brothers has drawn the attention of the international market due to its distinctive formula, which merges the centennial craftsmanship of the island’s glass masters (handed down from father to son) with contemporary Italian design.

When talking about glass, Carlo and Giovanni Moretti use a completely new language. Perhaps because they had to step up to the challenge when they were still very young, provided with that peculiar technical background which only a century-long family tradition and the artistic fertility of a place like Murano can hand down.

Starting from the beginning of the 70s, the production of the Carlo Moretti firm took a distance from the historic practice of working glass, confronting itself with a much broader horizon in which the expressive value of form is newly acknowledged.

Thus the quest for new shapes, clean and essential, and the research in technical innovation, with an experimental approach both in the use of components – to obtain a highly transparent top quality glass – and in the contrivance of the most appropriate working tools. The firm’s distinctive traits.

The culture of the beautiful and the essential, found in the Moretti glass production, stems from the great curiosity and attention dedicated to what lies beyond the island’s limited confines.

The sources of inspiration are countless, from the colors of the lagoon to the most highly advanced human inventions. Then, there is the uninterrupted daily exchange between two different personalities having distinct fields of competence: Carlo, mainly devoted to design, teamed up with his brother Giovanni for the ideation of new products, incessantly interacts with the handicraft of the glass masters. New creations thus come to life, tangible proofs of the magical duality inherent to the substance used, which harbors two contradictory souls, a solid and a liquid one.

“Cult” commodities for the table and the home, vases, chalices and glasses having the power to influence habits and tastes. Created in Murano Crystal glass in limited number, mouth-blown, finished off by hand “in the air”, then signed one by one and provided with a certificate of authenticity. More and more dedicated to a public of art collectors, these objects have found their collocation in the most important world museums.

Carlo Moretti is therefore an “artisan factory” – one of the few left in Murano – where creativity and strategic choices coincide in a personal and unmistakable trademark.